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    -a love story."




    It's a contemporary romance with some elements of a fairytale, a Francophiles Dream of France and more.  Marisol Pilar de Froissart, a stunning and accomplished French woman, does what she can to assuage the guilt which surrounded her parents and which threatens her and her son now.... a terrible secret that her family bears. She is on a quest to destroy the remnants of her family still engaged in right-wing ultra- Nationalist politics, a family of collaborators in the Holocaust.  

    Steven Dunning, a musician from San Francisco, is on a quest of his own, this second-tier tenor and a failure in his own eyes at least. And then Steven becomes Marisol's consort through a quaint accident in a bistrot in the First Arrondissement. And a poetic and musical encounter in te Luxembourg.  They have adventures across France, Spain and California, and experience love in many of its forms. Part of Steven's redemption comes from his role in a 40 voice chorus...and the life of a chorister on tour is one of the most revealing  parts of the book. 

    The novel was inspired by my adventures as a young man in France.  One might call it a literary memoir.  How much is "true" I will leave to the reader to ascertain. The title comes from Steven not believing that this Fairy Tale of wonder with Marisol de Froissart might be happening to him. He keeps questioning the reality of it, but is actually questioning his feelings of inadequacy.

    Also Music controls the pacing. A certain piece, a Song Cycle by Hector Berlioz, repeats throughout the novel... it is a life, called 'Les Nuits d'ETE' set to poetry of Theophile Gauthier... and their life together follows the theme of the cycle. From the Gaiety of the Springtime in which they met through... well, no spoilers. 

    My research was completed during twenty visits to France and to the other special venues they visit. And I did some book research on Druids and Celtic culture which form a part of their journeys.  And on Lyon during World War Two, the time of Marisol's grandparents.


     To my readers...  I hope Steven and Marisol's story helps you reminisce about a perfect love you shared. Perhaps in Paris??? 


    Ancient Celtic terrors loom large across modern Europe, while threats of war in the Sahel of Africa grow daily.... resources, metals, lithium... indispensable to modern technology. Which is the diversion? Marisol and her consort are sent by the CIA on a dangerous chase across Europe and the US to find out and to stop the great powers from impending earth shattering disasters. Traitors and spies... and Marisol's own Nazi secrets threaten to stop them dead.


    *****Customer Review from Erica Miner...Award-winning author of the Opera Series Mysteries... 5.0 out of 5 stars!*****

    "My favorite haunts depicted beautifully."

    "For starters, this book is a Francophile's dream fantasy."

    The author sets a story with heart in some of France's most amazing places--and those who know the country know that there are many. A love story with many twists, turns, and surprises, PARIS ONCE UPON A TIME captures the essence of what we all love about la Belle France from the perspective of two people who are destined to fall hopelessly in love but come across pitfalls and obstacles throughout their journey. I loved how Lawrence Rose made classical music an integral part of the plot without overemphasis, comparing such sublime works as Berlioz's 'Les Nuits d'été to an 'escape to the islands of delight, where one loves forever.' A riveting read and highly recommended."



    French Beauty, Millionaire, Marisol de Froissart comes in Many Forms in the Thrillers and Romantic Adventures and Short Stories by Lawrence Rose... So does love come in many forms. ESPECIALY IN PARIS ONCE UPON A TIME by Lawrence Rose... a Love Story



    ,,,excerpt.. "The small entry gave onto the salon. The sound of our quiet voices echoed across the room as she led me in. Perhaps I was walking into the home of a very wealthy art critic or even into a décor style salon in a museum in Paris. Art Nouveau, Belle Époque bentwood, great arches, organic, flower-carved, like vines intertwined, the sofas, large chairs, tables, of a type. Craft. But this was her home. Marisol saw the look of wonder on my face. “I see you know art, Steven.” The mantles held ceramics from Bruges and Limoges, adamantine, emerald, and turquoise blue, pastel-colored vases both rectangular and round. The floors and ceilings of polished American golden oak with Greek Key marquetry of tropical hardwoods of delicate design. Draped were custom tapestries from Gobelin of forest scenes in fabled Arcadia. The room became centered and joined together by the Courbet. At the back of the salon, museum lit, a large painting by Courbet, a dreamy scene with flashing sunset colors by a cliff on the sea obscured by clouds and mist mastered the room. A lonely barkentine cruised offshore."



    Hilarie S.G.

    FIVE STARS!...
    is a classic love story. Rose depicts Steven, a man of great musical talent who, after years of “playing the field,” meets the one woman who completes him. Marisol is a complicated, sophisticated, French heiress involved in wonderful charity work. They meet in France by sheer chance and almost immediately their beautiful romance begins. Her family’s background is filled with fascists and Nazi collaborators.
    They quickly become a couple. and Rose’s story creates a travelogue of beautiful, and often exotic places. During their myriad vacations, they enjoy incredible epicurean delights. Rose pays tremendous detail to both the history of the regions, focusing often on places of religious and/or historical fame, and their very upscale dining experiences.  Very full of Michelin Stars!   

    Rose’s knowledge of opera, classical, and other styles of music, gourmet dining, and both architecture, and history make this a most interesting read.

    I enjoyed the details about the couple’s lovely... life together. This is a classic story of two lovers who.have found a perfect life together.

    Hilarie Simon Gottlieb, author of "FROM SHANGHAI TO THE GOLDEN MOUNTAIN". Also on Amazon!

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    Lawrence Rose

    I found a home in Medellin, Colombia, after growing up in New York. Did high school with Barbra Streisand... and then rolled loosely west to San Francisco. And then I became a petroleum geologist but got my karma back by teaching school and writing for government and NGOs and especially for the Ecological Good Guys for many years. I also have degrees in music and was a stage and screen actor. US Park Ranger! Yes, my books are... well, autobiographical, perhaps and maybe. I'll let the reader decide! Thanks! Larry ...LAWRENCE ROSE.

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