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A brilliant romance as Marisol, a stunning and accomplished French woman, does what she can to make a difference in the world to help assuage the guilt she grew up with .. a terrible secret that her family bears from the time of the Nazi Occupation.


Steven, a musician from San Francisco, becomes her consort. They fulfill each other and have adventures across France, Spain and San Francisco in pursuit of that fulfillment.


The book was inspired by my adventures as a young man in France. One might call it a literary memoir. How much is true I will leave to the reader to ascertain.


The title comes from Steven not believing that this Fairy Tale of wonder with Marisol de Froissart might be happening to him. He keeps questioning the reality of it, but is actually questioning his feelings of inadequacy.


Also Music controls the pacing. A certain piece, a Song Cycle by Hector Berlioz repeats throughout the novel... it is a life, called 'Les Nuits d'ETE' set to poetry of Theophile Gauthier... and their life together follows the theme of the cycle. From the Gaiety of the Springtime in which they met through... well, no spoilers.


My research was completed during twenty visits to France and to the other special venues they visit. And I did some book research on Druids and Celtic culture which form a part of their journeys. And on Lyon during World War Two, the time of Marisol's grandparents. To my readers... I hope Steven and Marisol's story helps you reminisce about a perfect love you shared.


At age 73 I thought it was time to write about important things like love, France, music, friends, poetry. PARIS ONCE UPON A TIME IS THE RESULT. A year of wrting and rewriting, selecting Beta Readers and Covermakers, Editors and willing friends. Finally posting it on Kindle and running into a wall at marketing. More to come on that horrible subject... including THE LIVECAST NOBODY WATCHED..

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