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Music in Marisol!

I have so many musician friends... Here's a marketing pitch to you all.

Steven Dunning is a second tier tenor, gifted, but a bit lazy, well-trained but not the kind who thinks himself international star material. Nice local career he says. Some students, daytime job as a part time HS music teacher, weddings, bar mitzvahs even though not particularly Jewish. He goes to Paris sometimes on tours with his groups, often alone or with a girlfriend. Has some close Parisian friends incl some girlfriends occasionally. THEN he meets Marisol! Shall we say they both NEEED each other. I'll let you read it. BUT the book is filled with musical experiences, concerts they go to, reminiscences of his tours, international music conferences, the twenty-fifth anniversary concert for his chorus in San Francisco, stuffy impresarios and name dropping. Autobiographical? Sure. If you lived your life as a musician you might see yourself or folks you knew. To members of my music groups, it is NOT a tell all so you can stop shivering. We go all over Western Europe, get involved with important causes, solve mysteries about her heritage, discuss the life of a musician with detail, love, and fun. click... thanks!

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