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French Lover...The Real Marisol... Is there an actual woman who was the subject of this memoir?

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Paris is a city that everyone dreams to visit when they're visiting any other big city. Do you agree?  

"There are cities then there is Paris!" as Oscar Wilde said. 


In the  PARIS ONCE UPON A TIME   blog post, based on my novel of the same name, I want to highlight how love can make you feel and how it feels when you find a great partner and love. Without each other, life would feel empty... and that means that it would BE empty...  OUI? 

Our affaire starting in Paris lasted for life. And beyond.  She is passed away, too young... There was only one woman whom I loved, but I had adventures, more or less Platonic, with five French women over the years.  But only one was my life's love.



At the end I discovered that after sitting down with myself in all my arrogance and self-importance, I was like a small child. I met someone who was kind, unassuming and had such a gentle way of talking that it was amazing. This woman has the personality of an angel in a field of morning mists. But strong and beautiful and compassionate and protective, and talented in the extreme.

Who isthe woman in

 PARIS ONCE UPON A TIME?  This is just too intriguing.   Perhaps she was the textile designer working in her glamorous studio near Belleville for some of the haut matques of fashion?  Or the dark literary critic, or the esoteric mistress of the Lodge, or the winemaker's granddaughter living secure in Lyon, or the sad teacher tending her garden in the heart of the metropolis?    

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