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SAHEL... OUR HEROINE, MARISOL and French West Africa, now Independent Nations Try to Make a Go Of It.

Burkina Faso... adopted by my real friends in St Montan, Ardeche, France...


Burkina Faso's plight 

is rubbed in the face of the French government by Marisol using her power... and cash... to bring Burkina's culture to Paris and Lyon.  

 This is a subplot in PARIS ONCE UPON A TIME.  In other posts I explain how I got involved with THE COUNTRY OF HONEST MEN, formely the Republic of the upper Volta and used that nation in both novels. Writers must gather experiences. 

In "THE FRENCH AGENT'S WARS".....  The Sahel ... China finally using its military to gain control.  And Marisol must spearhead counter-intelligence for NATO... working on the ground in FRANCE!  Rebellion!  Celtic linguistic groups rising as the Western European governments are getting involved in the SAHEL.  TOO MANY WARS??? 

The Sahel zone, which comprises the desertifying region surrounding Niger, Burkina Faso,  Mali and Mauritania has been plagued by conflict for decades since fighting for their freedom from France... as the countries sitting on its borders are wracked by Islamic terrorism.  AND GRINDING DISEASE AND POVERTY. . In the south, a civil war left Mali ravaged by bloodshed between ethnic groups, and in the north a communist insurgency led by al Qaeda is still not quieted. In the middle, surrounding the country on its side was a no man's land dominated by conflict. Out of this "no man's land" has developed the world's largest desert, where natural resources abound, at least in our story.  

As a child, Marisol adopted Burkina Faso and now fosters charity relief for its people.  Then came the discovery from space of its Lithium.  And now she is recruited by the CIA to do what she can. And she seduces Steven to be her consort and geological desert expert..

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