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We were granted a superb opportunity to enhance our publicity when my good buddy, Bryan Mattheson, offered us the use of his hitech, superb, and famous SKYLINE STUDIOS in OAKLAND for a LIVECAST production.

I had flown in to the Bay Area for a month to visit family, but also I was thinking about a Launch Party there for my book, PARIS ONCE UPON A TIME.   I worked on an hour long script outline, called friends in to participate as readers, my daughter, Lauren Taylor starred as Interviewer, made it fun with triv and giveaways, advertised it in emails and on social media, directed it towards those who just might get me some reviews. It went beautifully. Much thanks to Josie Diaz, Lindsay Mugglestone, Carolyn Rinetti for reading, and Joan Rose, Robert Rose and Sean Taylor for production support. 

Two people tuned in.  One was Beatriz, my wife back in Medellin, the other a long time singer friend, my dear Jeannie Young down the Peninsula. Theoretically, every computer in the world could have tuned in. 

Again, your friends and family will not read  or support your work. 

Bryan is prepping the recording for re-broadcast when I think I can raise more audience.  Seriously, I don't know how.  Any suggestions from our readers would be appreciated.

So now I'm spending my time on sending Query Letters to agents... going the established route.  Average response time from them is six months... middle of 2022 I should hear of rejection or acceptance.   What to do in the interim?  Start another novel?  Write Short Stories?  I'm sort of lost, y'know?!

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